Tønder Festival

Tønder Festival 2022

This Tønder Festival was the first after 2019 and it was wonderful to be there again. So many nice people among the staff, the volunteers, photographers and musicians. But something was different this year, I would like to describe it as it has been more relaxed.

First I decided to go up by bicycle the whole tour from Bremervörde to Tønder and made 300 km from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon. I ha an enourmas load of package, my camera, three lenses and my computer on top. That made me a bit tired on Thursday and so I decided to spend some time at my tent and relax. That was so nice that I did that again on the other day as well. I did not hurry from one gig to the next and took more time so see complete concerts, to follow its development and look after the communication on stage. And I found I did not need all lenses, not my computer, even not my bicycle. One consequence will be that I will downsize everything next year.

Not all concerts were interesting for me so I had the time to concentrate on what was important, 28 bands in the end. My pictures are presented in four categories, my favourites, the Folkspot, all other bands and my special focus this year, the Camping Session.

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Tønder Festival 2019

The festival of 2019 is over and left me with interesting, enthusiastic and touching impressions. Beside the music were so many interesting talks and lovely moments on stage and behind. While listening to various concerts and talking to people I decided to create four different types of galleries. The concerts I heard are naturally one gallery and the „Folk Spot“ is a fixed point since some years.

But there were some extraordinary events which I will dedicate two special galleries to. There was a phantastic Women’s Circle, not only with outstanding singers performing, but also showing a very special, perhaps typically female, mode of interaction along this event. It is difficult to highlight single bands or artists as all artists performing in Tønder were wonderful. But sometimes I find something that distinguishs the extraordinary from the very good. So Dreamers’ Circus, Plantec and Irish Mythen will have a special issue called “Folk as an Artwork”

See my pictures of the Tønder Festival 2019 here ...  

Tønder Festival 2018

The Tønder-Festival is history and looking back we can say it was a phenomenal program, one of the best ever. Not every Artist was my favourite, but everybody was able to find his or her favourite in this beautiful collection. It was traditional and modern, you could hear old friends and make new experiences and looking around you saw young and elder Visitors. We all remember the abrupt change in 2015 and we know that everybody suffered in some way. But what we must say is, that Maria and Kirstine are doing a very good job since then and this festival was a real masterpiece.

My galleries are divided in three parts with galleries. First of all the Festival with wonderful concerts from Thursday to Monday, the day of the volunteers Party. As second the Folk Spot as in the years before and one section for a very interesting Theme on this festival: The music and the culture of the indigenous Peoples.

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Tønder Festival 2017

The Tønder Festival 2017 was again a phantastic one with 78 Artists performing in 132 Konzerts and other events. Again it was too much to see all the beautiful concerts so here is a selection of all days and a special highlight on the Folkspot, one of the most interesting parts of this festival since its implementation in 2013.

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Tønder Festival 2016

The Tønder Festival 2016 was the second under the artificial leadership of Maria Theessink and a world class festival she brought together. Again it was a program on a very high level and there were so many young people on the festival ground, that one must not be afraid of the future of the Tønder Festival.so many styles and variations of folk music were represented on the stages and of course in the jam tents around the festival avenue and the camping site.

My view on this festival again has been a bit selective, not so many photos, but complete series of several concerts. My special focus was on the Danish/Scandinavian folk and the project FolkSpot.


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Tønder Festival 2015

The Tønder Festival 2015 was the first under the leadership of Kirstine Uhrbrand and Maria Theessink, and what a festival it was. A huge program on a very high level, so many styles and variations of folk music were represented on the stages and of course in the jam tents around the festival avenue and the camping site.

My personal highlights of the Tønder Festival 2015 were Danu and Dreamers Circus, but there were enough bands and musicians to make some beautiful discoveries. As there were the Erlend Viken Trio from Norway, Kepa Junkera and his Band from the Basque Country in Spain and of course the New Orleans Jazz Band Battle with the wonderful Meshya Lake.  

A special focus is on the project FolkSpot. This was continued this year, changing from the Visemøllen to the P 4 Scenen. Which is not a perfect choice, because this tent has a beer tent atmosphere, which does not fit to many fine music made by the FolkSpot-Musicians.   So follow this link for the galleries of the Tønder Festival 2015

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Tønder Festival 2014

The Tønder Festival 2014 was the festival of the 40th anniversary, it was the festival of a sad farewell and it was the festival for a new beginning. Carsten Panduro retired from the position as the artistic director of the festival after 40 years. So did Anni Lehmann, known as the live and soul of Millstream Records. The new team, especially Maria Thessink, who followed Carsten Panduro in his function, accepted a great inheritage and surely all the best wishes of all friends of the festival will be with them.  

So it was the last festival with a music programm created in the responsibility of Carsten Panduro and a great one it was. Well known names, old friends of the festival, new, young bands and again a focus on Danisch Folk Music. A guarantee for five wonderful days.   One of my personal highlights were the concerts of many Danish folk bands who showed the great variety of interpretations of folk music.

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Tønder Festival 2013

It was the year two of the "new" Tønder Festival and the year to prove, if all the innovations would be successful in the end. Obviously it was a big success, as could be inspected in crowded places and tents. And the demand for tickets was greater than the number of tickets the festival could supply. As every year the festival took a look at special themes related to folk music.

This year we had two main subjects, the music of the South of the United States, New Orleans Jazz and Cajun and the Development of Danish folk music. So this year in my galleries I will not only provide the stories of the single days but also three additional galleries for these subjects and another for the various dancing activities during the Tønder Festival 2013.     

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Tønder Festival 2012

Many things were new with this Tønder-Festival 2012. But the main characteristics were still obvious and they will be in the future, no doubt. It looked more professional, new stages, different organisation and new music styles could be heard. But the unique atmosphere of this festival, the brilliant musicians, the jam sessions in the Musicians Bar, the volunteers, that will never change. Again it is a lot of stuff, so many bands and concerts require many photos. Here are the stories of five days with bands and musicians,

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Tønder Festival 2011

The Tønder-Festival again was a phantastic event with brillant musicians and Bands and over 2000 volunteers, who made the life for musicians and vistor quite comfortable. It is a lot of stuff again, but many bands, many venues and many concerts require many photos. Here are the stories of five days with bands an musicians, I had the chance to hear.

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Tønder Festival 2009

The Tønder-Festival is over and once again it was a wonderful event with this special atmosphere, many brillant musicians and Bands and with 2000 volunteers. Here you find my Tønder-Photos in five galleries. One for every, day and a special edition of photos of all Bands, singers and musicians I had the opportunity to see on an additional site. Photos of the different stages of course, but also pictures of the live on the camping-site and of the incredible work of the volunteers. The galleries contain a lot of photos - of course, it is a big festival - so take a bit of time.

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